Make your money work for you.

Reduce money worries and stress

I help simplify money management and demystify financial topics.

Enjoy more of what you truly love

I coach individuals to become more
intentional with their money.

Be confident in your financial future

I help reframe attitudes towards long-term financial and life goals.

UK-wide service

I provide coaching to anywhere in the UK via Zoom video conferencing.

Money-back guarantee

I offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your latest coaching session.

An investment that pays for itself

Gain skills and knowledge that, when implemented, cover the investment in financial coaching many, many times over.

To offer a simple analogy, think of a Personal Finance Coach like you would a Personal Fitness Trainer, but for your finances.

I provide guidance and motivation to improve your financial health. I will work with you and act as your support and accountability partner to help you achieve your short- and long-term financial life goals, whatever they are.

Choosing to invest in your financial education could be the best decision you ever make. The knowledge you’ll gain stands to save and earn you exponentially more in return. This insight will also remain with you for your lifetime and can be passed on to benefit your children.

While relatively new to the UK, in the US Financial Coaching is well-established and continues to grow as satisfied clients recommend it to friends and family. In a study on the benefits of financial coaching, the US Government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found:

Access to financial coaching resulted in measurable gains in three areas: money management; objective financial health metrics like savings, debt levels, and credit score; and subjective feelings of financial confidence and financial well-being.

What’s more, my services are a zero-risk investment: I offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your most recent coaching session.

See my testimonials page for just a handful of my many happy clients and their success stories.

Get ahead of the UK-curve and start your journey towards financial enlightenment and wellbeing today!

Financial Coaching proves hugely beneficial for many individuals at any stage of their life. Below are some typical statements from customers looking to start; do any sound familiar to you?

  • I just about make my money last until the end of the month, but I’m not quite sure where it has gone
  • I earn a good salary but I don’t feel I have much to show for it
  • I want to feel empowered and in control of my own finances
  • I know I should be investing for my/my family’s future but I’m not sure how
  • I’m saving towards my first home / dream wedding / world travels / early retirement and I want to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • I have debt that’s causing me stress and worry, and I’m not sure where to even begin
  • We are starting a family and we want to understand how to plan financially for our children’s future
  • Money problems are affecting my relationships and I’d like to move beyond this and onto focussing on what matters most

Ready to start?

Coaching is completely unique to each client’s situation and goals; however, here are some typical outcomes for clients:

  • Feel empowered and in control of your own finances
  • Learn how to repay stress-causing debt in the quickest, most cost-efficient way
  • Have more to show for your hard work
  • Feel more secure about your financial future
  • Accelerate saving for your first house / dream wedding / world travels / early retirement
  • Identify and address detrimental spending habits
  • Reframe negative feelings towards money
  • Redirect money to areas you’re truly passionate about
  • Reduce feelings of worry and shame around money affecting your relationships
  • Receive financial education that can benefit future generations

Begin your journey today

I offer a free 30-minute, no-obligation introductory session to see if Personal Finance Coaching and my approach are a good fit for you.

Even if you decide not to progress with financial coaching, I guarantee you’ll learn a few useful tips and insights to take away with you at no cost.

Book your free appointment today

I want to demystify personal finances and improve your financial wellbeing.

I provide a warm, non-critical and non-judgemental coaching style. Firstly, we’ll establish your financial goals and a vision of where you want to be. Then, we’ll look at your income, outgoings and spending habits and establish a realistic plan to start working towards your goals. We’ll discuss tangible techniques and tactics to help make your money work better for you. I’ll be your coach and accountability partner throughout your journey to better financial wellbeing.



See how I’ve helped change clients’ lives for the better


Personal Trainer
Hove, Brighton

I can’t fault Jordan’s service in the slightest. He gave me personalised guidance and an objective assessment of my situation. In addition, he provided the knowledge I sought in an easy-to-understand, practical manner. Jordan gave me excellent value for money from the beginning, and I intend to continue working with him for years to come.

Heather & Jamie

Videographer | DJ
Glasgow, Scotland

Jordan has helped us as self-employed freelancers, introducing us to investing and pensions and helping us with short- and long-term financial goal setting. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient and he went to great lengths to give us the best guidance possible. We cannot thank him enough!


Growth Marketing

Jordan is a person with great skills and deep expertise in personal finance. An energetic and broad-minded Financial Coach – that’s him! Eager professional. No matter how complex the question is, he will always come up with a brilliant, elegant solution and example. I would recommend him if you need the very best in Personal Finance Coaching.